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- Collision Repair magazine meets the challenge of reflecting the concerns of a fragmented industry in constant evolution. Completely in tune with the industry, Collision Repair promotes initiatives that advance the industry s professionalism and pays tribute to those making a special contribution. Collision Repair is dedicated to promoting Recruitment, Retention, Education, Training, Quality Products, Environment, Health and Safety, Best Managerial Practices and Profitability. Through its well-designed and produced pages, Collision Repair enhances our advertisers visibility and help increase the profitability of our readers.

Blow-in/Ride Along: The publisher is agreeable to including third party mailers to ride along with the magazine. This can be cost effective – response rates are not hindered by this set up. Cost for ride along would depend on the weight of the mail piece.

Keywords: Auto Repair, Auto Insurance, Car Repair, Car Insurance, Auto Body Shop, Auto Wholesalers

Circulation: The circulation for this list is updated daily.

Recommended: Business Mailers, Publications, Trade Shows, After market part makers, Insurance Companies, Business Publications

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